At the requst of our customers TGA now accepts Backorders

Customers had been putting their name on a waiting list for specific items, so they could be notified when they come in stock at the distributors.  Since most desired guns sell out at the distributor almost as fast as they come in, many times customers were notified but missed the items they wanted because they sold out before they placed an order.  To alleviate this problem, TGA will now accept paid backorers for anything on our site.  

If you want to check stock status of an item contact us by email or phone BEFORE placing the order.  

When you place an order on our site and the item is not immediately available, you will receive an email letting you know that the item is on Backorder status within 24 hours of the order.  You can canel the order at this time (within 48 hours of initial order) in writing (email).  If you do not cancel, we will place an order with our distributors to get the item you want as fast as possible and we will let you know when it arrives.

If you deicde to cancel an order that is on Backorder status after the first 48 hours, but before the 60 day point your purchase price will be refunded minus a 10% cancellation fee.  

If the item has not been available for 60 days since the order was placed, you will be contacted.  At that point the item can remain on Backorder status or the order can be cancelled and a refund issued.  

Refunds for Cancelled Backorders are subject to our standard Refund Policy.